Why Nice Guys (and Gals) Finish Last

Over the years, we’ve written numerous posts on how being nice can backfire. When you’re dealing with someone who is focused on the issue or hasn’t yet chosen a relationship with you, being “nice” can actually decrease your permission. But in addition to dealing with specific people, there’s a whole other time when being nice read more…


From Talking to Speaking … to Presenting

Awhile back, I observed a man give a twenty-minute presentation at a formal event. He leaned one elbow on the podium, making occasional languid gestures, as he meandered his way through his points and finally closed. Luckily, his sense of humor was entertaining and he was presenting to a highly relationship-oriented group, so he managed to read more…


Space: The Final Frontier

Are you interested in increasing your presence? Presence is made up up four areas: Mind, Body, Space and Others. For years, Rachel and I focused on Body and Others. Meaning, we spent most of our time coaching people in how to use their own body language, and how to watch the body language of others read more…

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