2017 is upon us…

Many people use the New Year as a time to assess what’s working in their lives, what’s not, and how they want to change. What do YOU want for 2017?

Here’s what we want for you: hassle-free relationships, the ability to deftly handle challenging coworkers and tough conversations, a sense of power and confidence (even when—especially when!—dealing with your boss), a clear and exciting vision of what’s to come and the tools to get there, a reputation for being whole-hearted and capable, and the self-assurance to own your accomplishments.

In other words, a year that’s filled with abundance—an abundance of prosperity, time, inspiration, peace and happiness.

If even SOME of what’s on your Wish List for 2017 lines up with ours, then THIS WEBINAR SERIES IS FOR YOU.

Once a month, Sari de la Motte and Rachel Beohm will present a webinar on topics that will directly improve your communication skills, your relationships, your career, and your life. Each quarter we will focus on a different area:



First Quarter: ROCK 2017—Change Your Communication, Change Your Life

January 24: Show Up & Stand Out: 3 Ways to Increase Your Personal Presence

February 14: It’s Not You, It’s Me: How to Own Your Crap to Increase Productivity

March 14: Language of Leadership for Women: Overcoming the “Mad Men” Mindset


Second Quarter: The Spotlight’s On You

April 11: How to Think on Your Feet: No Preparation? No Worries!

May 9: Do You Have a Seat at the Table? 3 Ways to Increase Your Confidence & Credibility

June 13: Cats Don’t Want Dog Food: Nonverbal Tips for Increasing Sales & Client Engagement


Third Quarter: Navigating High Pressure Situations

July 11: You’re Hired! 3 Tips for Finding (and Being!) the Perfect Candidate

August 8: You’re Fired! The Art of Delivering and Receiving Performance Evaluations

September 12: Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too: Nonverbal Negotiation Tips & Techniques


Fourth Quarter: Lead Your Team & Your Life

October 17: Hanging on Every Word: How to Hit Your Presentation out of the Park

November 14: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Navigating and Influencing Team Dynamics

December 12: The Mark of a True Leader: Handling Stress & Crises with a Calm, Powerful Presence


All webinars take place at 11 a.m. Pacific Time on the second Tuesday of the month. Click on each title to see more detailed descriptions of what each webinar will cover or to register for single events. Each webinar is $79.


“Sometimes we miss what is right with us all the time.  I appreciate being reminded to trust my knowledge and preparation.  Now knowing that pausing, breathing and thinking before talking gives me clearer answers and more credibility is a confidence builder. You guys really are rock stars!!!” – How to Think on Your Feet Participant

No more hiding. No more waiting. No more wondering why things don’t go your way. We will teach you, month by month, how to increase your presence and expand your influence through concrete nonverbal communication techniques. You’ll feel confident, powerful, and able to handle any challenge thrown your way.


ROCK 2017—Make this your year!


Be bold. Be real. Be a communication rock star.


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