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Sari De La Motte

Meet Sari

Bold, with a wicked sense of humor, Sari tells it like it is.

While on her way to get a doctorate in Piano Pedagogy, Sari’s music professor recommended she attend a nonverbal communication workshop. This wasn’t a “body language” seminar—no kooky stuff like how to detect lying or what it means when someone’s arms are crossed. This was the real deal. She recognized that superior nonverbal communication skills lead to self-awareness, authenticity, and charisma. She was hooked. So she chucked her plans and her two music degrees and devoted herself to the study of nonverbal communication. (She’s a bit impulsive like that.)

Fifteen years later she’s gone from classical pianist to executive coach and trial consultant. Sari is a sought-after keynote speaker and seminar leader. She assists legal teams on high profile cases throughout the United States, working one-on-one with attorneys to hone their messages and communicate with jurors, judges and opposing counsel. Because of her unique ability to help attorneys communicate their real selves, she has been dubbed “The Attorney Whisperer.”

You can contact Sari directly at: [email protected]

Watch Sari talk about her transition into this work and what she sees as the most exciting part of her job.

Rachel Beohm

Meet Rachel

The brains behind the entire operation, Rachel is startlingly adept at understanding and unpacking this content for her consulting clients, workshop participants, and well, the rest of the FORTE team.

(Yes, we did consider “Just ask Rachel” as our company tagline.)

Formerly a college instructor, a student of hers once remarked, “Rachel is enthusiastic to the point of scariness.” Possibly the most intuitive person you’ll ever meet (and no, she did not write this bio herself), the word that seems to pop up anytime Rachel is discussed is brilliant. Curious by nature, and with an unquenchable thirst for learning (especially when it comes to nonverbal communication and the mind-body connection), Rachel loves researching topics for FORTE, brainstorming and making connections, and coming up with new offerings for our clientele.

Rachel presents training and does the majority of FORTE’s corporate coaching. Clients can’t get enough of her; her insight is profound.

You can contact Rachel directly at: [email protected]

Watch Rachel talk about the power of nonverbal communication.

Kevin de la Motte

Meet Kevin

Kevin joined the FORTE team full-time in July 2014. Formerly a professional chef, he now cooks up all the products here at FORTE and is most likely the person you’ll see behind the camera either at the FORTE office or on the road!

Kevin is FORTE’s products manager and handles all of FORTE’s merchandise, and is our on-staff videographer and packages and promotes all of our products. Being married to Sari is also a full-time job from which he gets no vacation.

Contact Kevin at [email protected]

Sabrina Suazo
Sabrina Suazo

Meet Sabrina

She’s back! Sabrina abandoned us (with a totally legitimate reason, of course) when she moved to Colorado to be closer to her family. We cried. We pouted. And after answering a ton of our emails, she finally relented. She’s back at FORTE and we’re delighted to have her on the team again. We’ve removed all of the junk food and we’re doing stretches before every staff meeting thanks to Sabrina’s influence.

She’s now in Pennsylvania until we can lure her back to Portland. She loves food and weird, so she’s a perfect fit for both Portland and FORTE. She’s our behind-the-scenes support answering the phone, booking appointments and managing Sari’s appearances at national conferences.

Email Sabrina at [email protected] or call her at (503) 894-8789

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