Regardless of what you want in life, it requires communication to get it. In every organization, communication breakdowns cost you time, money, and rapport. If you can’t convey your message clearly, concisely, and appropriately, you lose resources: Misunderstandings lead to expensive mistakes, loss of productivity, and low morale.

Because everyone knows how to talk, you assume that means everyone knows how to communicate. Not so! Nonverbal communication is a lot like music—it requires no skills to hear and appreciate outstanding music, but it requires knowledge, training, and practice to be able to perform well, especially under pressure.

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Sari presenting Turn Up The Volume. Photo by Erika Eve Plummer.

Here’s where FORTE comes in. Through our workshops, keynotes, and retreats, we give people the tools they need to get their messages across in a way that works for the audience. And we do it all in a fun, interactive format that will help actually get those skills into your life.

Click the one of the tabs above to learn more about our offerings, or call us at (503) 894-8789 to book an event for your group. We offer presentations from 90-minute keynotes to multi-day trainings and everything in-between.

Be bold. Be real. Be a communication rock star.

“From the moment Sari starts speaking until the final applause, you will understand why she continues to get rave reviews. She definitely knows how to engage, energize and connect with her audience and makes efficient use of every minute. Her workshop is content rich with stories that stick and quick exercises that help make the concepts real. She will help demystify what you have experienced when communicating and building relationships but were never really aware of. You’ll walk away with new practical skills you can start applying immediately and wish you could have taken her training earlier.”

Mark Poulin, Fortune 500 Sporting Goods Company based in Beaverton, OR

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