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Cats Don’t Want Dog Food: Nonverbal Tips for Increasing Sales & Client Engagement

June 13 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

This webinar is part of our second quarter focus: The Spotlight’s On You! Regardless of your job title, there are times you need to think quickly, establish credibility, and accurately assess how to handle a surprising situation or challenging person. This quarter, we give you concrete tools for handling the spotlight.

Join us on June 13 for the sixth webinar in our 2017 series—Cats Don’t Want Dog Food: Nonverbal Tips for Increasing Sales & Client Engagement. We’ve all experienced this: you meet a prospective client and from the beginning, something is off. No matter what you try, nothing seems to make it better. Maybe you even make the sale, but you know it could have and should have been so much better…

In this one-hour webinar, Rachel Beohm will give you tips on how to pick up on the nonverbal cues others give you so you can “speak their language” and make more sales. Using the analogy of household pets, they will show you how to adapt your communication in the moment for maximum impact and effectiveness. No matter how many sales techniques and closes you know, nothing will reap greater results than exceptional communication skills.

(Side note: Not in sales? Ha! That’s what you think. Whether you’re “selling” a product, a service, an idea, or your own expertise, these nonverbal communication skills do the trick.)


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