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Language of Leadership for Women: Overcoming the “Mad Men” Mindset

March 28 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Back by popular demand! If you missed this webinar the first time around, never fear! We are offering it a second time!

Join us on March 28 for an encore performance of Language of Leadership for Women: Overcoming the “Mad Men” Mindset. So often, we wait until someone bestows the title of “Leader” on us before we finally believe we actually are one. And sometimes we don’t believe it even then!

In this one-hour webinar, Rachel Beohm and Sirpa Kuns will show you how to “speak” the language of leadership so that both you AND others will see you as a credible leader. You’ll learn how to speak so others will listen, how to nonverbally add weight to your message, what key phrases many women overuse to their detriment, and how to silence the voices that hamper your success.


(P.S. Men can attend, too. Really. We won’t bite.)


This is your year.


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