If you’ve been to one of our workshops, you know they are a rockin’ good time and chock full of practical tips and tools. But you also probably know that a cognitive understanding of nonverbal communication doesn’t automatically turn you into a communication rock star.

Learning any new skill requires practice. And whether you’re learning to pitch a baseball, play the piano, or deliver kick-ass presentations, a good coach will speed that process along.

Here at FORTE, yes, we are excited about nonverbal communication. But you know what really gets us fired up? Providing our clients with the tools and training they need to change their lives and achieve their goals.

It’s ridiculous how much Sari & Rachel enjoy working together. It shouldn’t be called “work.”

That’s why we’ve provided numerous options for personalized training, so you can make sure these skills actually make it into your daily life. Through one-on-one coaching and our online offerings, you get more than just information—you get interaction, practice, and targeted feedback.

Are ready to turn up the volume? Then click on one of the boxes above and join us for some focused, intense work on how you show up in life.

Be bold. Be real. Be a communication rock star.

“With your [FORTE’s] help, I was able to give the best speech of my life.”

Randy Kinnard, Inner Circle Member

“Since working with Rachel, I have increased my business portfolio—the amount of money I manage for others—by $4 million.” 

Coaching client


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