Are you ready for a change? We are.

Instead of superficial interactions, how about real connection? Instead of going with the status quo, how about authenticity? Instead of insipid, safe language, how about some humor and fun?

Get ready to be both entertained and intellectually stimulated when you hear Sari de la Motte speak. Funny yet compelling, she inspires and challenges audiences to excel in the one area that impacts all others: nonverbal communication.

If you’re just looking to kill some time and fill a speaking slot at your upcoming event, don’t bother asking Sari. But if you’re looking for a presenter who believes in her work, if you’re looking for a provocative speaker who will spark excitement and empower her audience, and if you can handle some sass and sarcasm… you’ve come to the right place.


Turn Up the Volume: Access Your Inner Rock Star

What is your nonverbal “volume”? Are you aware of the messages you are sending and whether or not they are landing? Like music, nonverbal communication is universally understood, but requires skill and training to do well. Turn up the volume on your nonverbals and unleash the rock star within.

Navigating the New Normal: Communication Strategies for Changing Times

Times are tough. Change is constant. Every time you learn to navigate the new “normal,” what’s “normal” changes! To be truly successful, you’ve got to learn how to navigate REALITY. Nonverbal communication allows you to assess what’s actually happening right now and respond appropriately. Real communication, in real time, with real people. It’s what we’re all about.

Hispanic senior man praying for luckThe Power of the Exhale

Life often feels like one big inhale. We hold our breath, dive in, and rarely come up for air. Not only do we do this metaphorically, but often literally—we hold our breath, not realizing the impact this has on our ability to think and communicate. Learn how to exhale, and learn how to live.

Nonverbal Intelligence at Trial

Using useless body language “gimmicks” to manipulate or influence others creates mistrust and destroys credibility. Real nonverbal intelligence, however, impacts every aspect of a trial attorney’s practice. Be smart and savvy. Harness the power of nonverbal intelligence to communicate with awareness, authority, and authenticity. Be real. Be bold. Be a communication rock star.

Are you ready for change? Then call us today at (503) 894-8789 to discuss your event and schedule a keynote.

Change your communication, change your life.

“Sari was the keynote speaker for our 25th annual state-wide conference. It’s no exaggeration to say that her information, humor and enthusiasm set the tone for our most successful conference ever. She provided tangible, take-home tactics and strategies that our attendees can put to use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has an interest in making both their personal and professional communications more effective.”

Sara R. Stevenson, ARM-P Risk Manager, Washington County, OR and President, Oregon Public Risk Managers Association

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The Power of the Exhale

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