Beyond a Firm Handshake


Even a nonverbal rock star gets nervous when it comes to a job interview.

That is why Sari wrote the book on all the essential nonverbal tools and skills you need for the job search–from submitting the resume to your first day on the job. Beyond a Firm Handshake: 21 Ways to Communicate You’re the Right Person for the Job will teach you everything you need to know.

Flip open any interview book and you’ll find advice like, “Use a firm handshake,” “Maintain eye contact” and “Sit with good posture.” And unless you’re 16 years old and looking for your first job, most people respond with, “Well, duh.”

Beyond a Firm Handshake: 21 Ways to Communicate You’re the Right Person for the Job goes beyond a firm handshake and other obvious “body language” advice, and gives you practical looks you can use to increase your nonverbal intelligence. This will ensure you communicate clearly, leading to increased interviewing capacity, and eventually, the job of your dreams.


  • Why no one is reading your resume
  • How to turn the phone screen into a face-to-face interview
  • Why “friendly” hiring managers can be dangerous
  • What to bring, and more importantly, avoid bringing to the interview
  • Why your interview begins and ends in the parking lot
  • What it really means to be “likeable”
  • How to handle illegal, trick or just plain weird questions
  • Why you should never, ever call to follow up
  • And more!

I attended a FORTE seminar a couple weeks ago. I happened to win a copy of Sari’s book “Beyond a Firm Handshake.” I just want to tell you that I read that book cover to cover twice. I had two interviews this past week and one of them was for a job I really wanted. I took in everything I read in the book and learned from the CLE. Guess what? I landed the job I really wanted. I really give a lot of credit to the book helping me communicate my desire and qualifications for the job. So, thank you for the book (which I will recommend to everyone), and for your words of wisdom. 

If you think that getting the interview will get you the job, think again! Times have changed. You may be the smartest, most capable person in the world, but if you aren’t able to communicate it in an interview, you’re toast. In Beyond a Firm Handshake, Sari goes beyond the obvious tips and techniques to give you practical and useful skills to communicate that you are the right person for the job. By focusing on the nonverbal aspect of communication, Sari shows you how to increase your nonverbal intelligence and secure the job of your dreams.

Beyond a Firm Handshake is now available (for the first time ever!) as a hard copy book. It’s newly revised and updated, and a must read for any job seeker. Just add to your cart and it will be on its way!

Interested in the Kindle version? Head over to Amazon.


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