Showing Up in Court DVD


Nothing resonates more powerfully with jurors than showing up authentically in court. You can have good facts and know your stuff, but the biggest thing you’ve got going at trial is YOU. Techniques and gimmicks turn jurors off. Increase your nonverbal intelligence to communicate your real self in a way that connects with your jury.

Shot live in Seattle, Washington, Sari wows from the stage for over three content-packed hours showing you:

  • Why authenticity is meaningless without nonverbal intelligence
  • What authenticity buys you with jurors
  • What body language CAN’T tell you—don’t be fooled!
  • The #1 nonverbal skill essential for trial
  • Presentation skills that increase your courtroom charisma
  • How to increase permission with jurors without using “gimmicks”
  • And more!

Package Contents:

3-disc set (2 DVDs and audio mp3) 190 m. run time


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