Yes, you say, you are ready for change. Time to take it to the next level.

You ARE a rock star in your field. You are at the top of your game and you want to keep that momentum going. You’ve been learning nonverbal communication skills from us, and have experienced their impact. Now what?

Now it’s time to dig deep, work hard, and focus. FORTE offers personalized, in-depth, executive retreats away from the noise and distractions of home and office. In an idyllic setting, we alternate intense small-group (or one-on-one) training sessions with physical activity and fun, creative endeavors.

Retreats are customized for the group/individuals involved, but topics can include:

  • Vision—Discovering, articulating, and presenting your vision; creating a personal brand
  • The Path to Presence—Overcoming the internal and external barriers to Presence; developing awareness and communicating with intention
  • Cultivating Presence—Owning, holding, and claiming space; putting yourself out there in a way that draws attention
  • The Hidden Energy of Groups—Uncovering the secrets of group dynamics; acquiring the leadership skills to move groups forward
Sari Japanese Garden
Sari at the Portland Japanese Gardens.

We’ll make it fun and informative, but come prepared to be uncomfortable. This is no tip-toe-through-the-tulips Disneyland adventure. This is hard core, gut level communication training that will force you to examine the deep issues that are standing in your way. Bring your walking shoes, an open mind, your inner wisdom, and a sense of humor. You’ll have time for rest and relaxation, quiet introspection, exercise, and fun. But it will all be for a purpose: to give you the energy and focus you need to develop lasting skills and make positive changes that will keep you moving forward.

Get ready for an adventure!

We offer two options for retreats:

  • Small group. Once a year, we bring up to 10 people to a Pacific Northwest resort for a long weekend. We explore nonverbal intelligence, practice core skills, address concerns, and create a culture of safety and revolution. Plan on an inspiring, transformational weekend.
  • One-on-one. If you can handle the intensity, you can schedule a 1-3 day retreat with Sari. Leave your ego at the door and receive concentrated skill-building that will change you forever.

Open bookPlanning a retreat for your staff? We’ll bring our program to you.

It’s time to turn up the volume. If you already are a rock star, then call us today at (503) 894-8789 to learn more about our retreats.

Change your communication, change your life.

“If you want to take your skill as a trial lawyer to the next level, Sari is the person to take you there, and beyond. Working with Sari is sort of like therapy for trial lawyers, but it’s your skill as a communicator that’s on the couch.”

Robert Beatty-Walters, Medical Malpractice Attorney

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