Our two-day intensive studios provide you with focused instruction on how to improve your voir dire and/or opening statement skills in a small group format. On Day One, we teach you skills for success in front of the jury and workshop your individual cases. On Day Two, each participant practices what was learned in front of two mock juries while being coached by Sari.

In the Voir Dire Studio, you will learn:

  • How to tell the story of your case in voir dire
  • How to ask questions that get you the information you’re looking for
  • How to create safety in the courtroom and build rapport with the jury
  • Listening skills that will (paradoxically) help you ask better questions
  • How to shut down aggressive jurors and draw out quiet ones
  • … and more!

In the Opening Statement Studio, you will learn:

  • Storytelling skills that will engage the jury
  • How to organize your statement around case-specific trial themes
  • Tools for making your opening statement clear, concise, and compelling
  • Presentation skills that will increase your credibility and hold the jury’s attention
  • Tips for gauging the jury’s receptivity and modifying your approach accordingly
  • … and more!
VDS jury
Mock jury filling out feedback forms for attorneys.

In addition, we hold a cocktail reception on Day One so you can network with other attorneys. And when it’s all over, we will send you the videotape of your performance and coaching on Day Two.

You make your first impression with the jury during voir dire, and it is the only time you get to interact with them directly. Opening statement is the one time you get to tell the entire story of your case. These two components of trial impact the outcome more than any other part. Why leave them up to chance?

Be purposeful in your communication and take your practice to the next level.

We only accept FOUR attorneys per class, so call us NOW at (503) 894-8789 to claim a spot in our next available studio.

“Sari’s voir dire workshop provided me with a great opportunity to develop and hone new nonverbal communication skills. The workshop provided me with a sense of form and structure that opened new horizons for me. If you are trying cases, this is a great way to improve voir dire skills. The workshop is not for everyone. It is not easy. That said, I recommend it to those trial lawyers who are dedicated to improving their courtroom craft.”

–David Sugerman, Attorney

VDS back room 2
Attorneys in observation room.

“The seminar isn’t cheap, but I have no hesitation recommending it at this level to anyone who wants to work on these absolutely critical skills.  It’s one of those rare seminars where on the second day, you can practically feel yourself getting better at your job in real time.  It’s hard to put a price tag on that feeling, the confidence boost that comes from it, and the likelihood your new skills will boost future verdicts, but I believe that price tag could be far higher than this and still be a great value.”

–Ben Cox, Attorney


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