We don’t believe in “jury consulting.”

The research is pretty clear that juror characteristics, attitudes, and backgrounds have little to do with the outcome of a trial relative to other variables under the lawyer’s control. So why not focus on what you can control: yourself?

We don’t promise anything we can’t deliver. But here’s what we can deliver: A better attorney. Turn up the volume on your nonverbal communication and crush the opposition in the courtroom. No need to hire expensive jury consultants when the research says it doesn’t work.

(Hire us instead. We’re expensive, but this stuff actually works.)

Our services include:

Lawyer PreppingVoir Dire Preparation

You win or lose your case in voir dire. You know it and we know it. So your voir dire is only as good as your preparation. Yes/No questions are pointless; they don’t elicit meaningful information. We will help you craft useful questions and show you how to generate juror participation during jury selection. Most important: You’ll learn how to create rapport and coax even the most reserved jurors to open up.

Jury Selection

After our thorough preparation, we’ll observe how you interact with potential jurors during jury selection. We’ll give you in-the-moment feedback and help you assess specific jurors. We’ll be on-site to assist you in choosing your peremptory challenges, ensuring that you have the most receptive jury possible.

Witness Preparation

All witnesses need preparation, even the experts. We’ll help you prepare. With nonverbal communication skills, your witnesses can remain calm under pressure, communicate clearly and confidently. End result: Their testimony will actually resonate with the jury. Great testimony is useless if it’s not communicated well.

Statement CoachingCase won

Outside of voir dire, your case rests upon how clearly you present a road map for jurors to follow throughout the case. Inconsistent, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, disorganized opening and closing statements just won’t cut it. We will help you prepare your opening and closing statements by assisting you with content placement, themes, and of course, kick-ass presentation skills. The opening statement is the one time you get to tell the jury the story of your case. Don’t screw it up.

Trial Observation & Support

We’ll continue to coach you through the trial and make recommendations for adjustments based on interactions with opposing counsel, witnesses, and the judge. We’ll debrief with you daily, offering support and advice so you can fine-tune your communication during trial versus kicking yourself later.

We offer daily rates for legal consulting as well as packages. Video analysis and consultations over Skype are also available. Call us today at (503) 894-8789 for prices and scheduling.

“After 25 years of picking juries and trying cases, I hired Sari to take my work to a new and better level.  Working with her proved to be both daunting and enlightening.  She is insightful and blunt and I reaped great rewards working with her.”

David T. McDonald, P.C.

“Sari helps trial attorneys in a unique way. She works with you on becoming a more authentic communicator by pointing out how you’re nonverbally getting in your own way and arming you with tools to improve all areas of your communication. Trial attorneys are trained by some of the best in the field on what to say. Sari, however, is the best at training trial attorneys on how to say it.”

Tom D’Amore, Tom D’Amore Law Group

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