Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire someone to read the body language of jurors and identify which jurors should go and which should stay?

Yeah, you can’t. (Well, you can. But it won’t do you any good.)

Sari spoke with Rick Friedman at his Take Back the Courtroom CLE.

Here’s what will actually help: You can learn how to deliver your message so that people get it. You can figure out how to gauge whether your message landed, and if not, what to do differently. You can increase your presence in the courtroom, which means you’ll be viewed as a skilled trial attorney and a likeable one.

At FORTE, we help you communicate your real self in a way that connects with the jury. We offer one-on-one trial consulting packages, as well as small group studios where we workshop your case and prepare for trial. In both cases, you get intense, focused training in nonverbal communication skills, tips on working your content to meet the needs of your jury, and in the case of the studio classes, a chance to practice your voir dire or opening statement in front of two mock juries.

Sari with Roger Dodd.

Can’t make it to us? (Or bring Sari to you?) You can sign up for our Online Trial College and learn this same great content from the comfort of your home or office. You’ll still get access to Sari in the online forum and get a credit toward our live event: Trial College LIVE!

And if you’re not a trial attorney? We can help with client communication, courtroom presentations, and how to communicate with colleagues, seniors, and staff. Don’t wait! Call now to turn up the volume on your communication skills.

Be bold. Be real. Be a communication rock star.

“Law school teaches lawyers to think, but not communicate. Sari teaches you to communicate. She is fantastic at helping you simplify and deliver your message in a manner that is authentic, understandable and comfortable for both you and your audience.”

John Coletti, Paulson Coletti Trial Lawyers / Member, Inner Circle of Advocates

“Good coaches can make any trial lawyer, no matter how accomplished, better. One hour with Sari has made me better. She will make you better too.”

Roger Dodd, Author, Cross-Examination

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