Here at FORTE, we believe that excellent nonverbal communication skills can change your life. But we also know it can be hard to rewire your brain and retrain your muscles to communicate in new ways. While the #1 feedback we receive from workshop participants is, “I can use this right away!” that doesn’t always mean that people follow through. When under stress, we tend to revert to old habits and those useful, practical, proven communication strategies can fail us when we need them most.

So what is the answer? Repetition and practice! The more you review the skills you’ve learned and practice them, the sooner they will become new habits. For those who have attended our workshops, webinars are a great refresher. You’ll review past concepts and skills in fresh contexts, as well as pick up new ideas, tips, and techniques.

But maybe you haven’t been to a workshop. We hope to see you at one soon! In the meantime, webinars are a great introduction to this work. Through our LIVE and prerecorded webinars you can learn the basic concepts and skills that we cover in many of our workshops, with the added benefit of being able to go over them again and again!

Kevin at computer
Kevin editing video for new products and webinars.

Some of our webinar topics include how to discover the hidden motivations of others, how to preserve relationships when delivering negative information, mistakes to avoid in voir dire and in opening statements.

To see what LIVE webinars are coming up, check out our Events page.

To download a previously recorded webinar, visit our Store.

It’s one thing to understand a concept. It’s a whole other thing to learn a new skill. That takes time, effort, patience, and practice. We’re willing to teach the skills if you’re willing to do the work! And our webinars are a great way to learn, review, and practice.

Change your communication, change your life.

Recent up-and-coming rock stars had this to say about some of our webinars:

“The webinar on Opening Statement was spectacular, no ifs or buts about it.”

“This seminar covered a lot of ground in a short period of time. It was presented in an interesting, clear, and relevant way.”

“This was very informative and to the point. It’s always rewarding and a pleasure to listen to what Sari has to say.”

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