Real communication, in real time, with real people—that’s what we’re all about here at FORTE. The #1 feedback we receive from our workshops is, “I can use this right away!” The skills we teach are practical, useable, and concrete. You can put them to work and see results immediately.

We work hard, at FORTE, to present great workshops—and you will be working hard, too! Our events often include role plays (yeah, yeah, we know you hate them—but they work!), writing assignments, group activities, and opportunities to practice the skills we teach. Expect to be engaged and entertained. In our trainings and workshops, we don’t drone on about communication models and paradigms. (Does anyone care?) We give you the real-world skills you actually want and need.

Here are our most popular workshops:

Rachel at Nike
Rachel delivering Presentation Skills training.

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Change your communication, change your life.  

“Sari’s workshops and presentations excel in both content and delivery. Sari is an amazing speaker, engaging her audience with interesting and humorous anecdotes that illustrate her points about nonverbal intelligence. She shares information and tools that are absolutely critical to anyone’s professional and personal development. Regardless of your industry or position, understanding and applying nonverbal intelligence will make you more effective; and Sari will take you from being good to being great.”

Yumi Minagawa O’Neil, Associate Counsel, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, The ODS Companies

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